Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Love, Touch, Heal - An Introduction

Love is a precious gift, a healing potential, and often an elusive, sought after illusion. We can choose to love or we can allow love to choose us. We can carefully select the specific object of our love or we can love freely, openly, and with abandon. Who we love can make a huge difference if we are depending upon this one object of our desire to love us back in the exact way we require for our own sense of well being. To maintain our own sense of control and equilibrium, we can develop the strength of character and personal resolve to love deeply and fully even without receiving apparent love in return, knowing that there is abundant love for everyone. The current object of our desire may not be able to provide the love we want at this moment in time. If we remain silent inside, peaceful, accepting and loving of our self and others, love will come to us in due time - perhaps from another and unexpected source. Touch is a powerful interconnecting sense. We can touch the world and everyone in it with all of our senses. We can touch the world with our eyes by viewing the natural beauty of all animate and inanimate forms. We can touch the world with our ears by hearing all the wonderfully unique sounds of nature and life. We can touch the world with our nose by smelling the sweet scent of natural aromas that surround us everywhere. We can touch the world by tasting the exquisitely sensual foods that nature has provided for us. And we can touch the world with any and every part of our body, feeling the sensations that arise as we stimulate our nervous system or the energetic pathways that flow throughout and around our body. We can feel the energetic connections between our own mind, body and spirit and we can sense the connection we naturally have with everything and everyone in our world. Healing occurs at every moment and in every situation. We can assist our healing process by letting go into the unknown or we can block the healing flow through fear and rigid holding on. We heal as we allow the layers of deception and illusion drop away from our clouded vision. We heal as we begin to hear the sounds and view the sights of love, everywhere. We heal as we take the time to taste and smell and touch our environment, all the tastes, and scents and textures. How have you loved today? Who have you touched today? How have you healed today? I can help you heal. http://www.drericawellness.com/.

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