Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who Have You Touched Today?

It has been said that one hug a day keeps the doctor away. But we don't even need a full hug and we don't even need actual physical touch. Just a reassuring tap on the shoulder, a half smile of recognition from someone else, a fragrant odor that pierces our olfactory senses, the sight of something beautiful or someone we are happy to see - any positive stimulation of one of our five senses can keep us healthy.

In what ways have you touched someone else today?

* Have you offered someone a warm smile to uplift their day?
* Have you freely expressed something you appreciate about another person?
* Have you offfered someone a free gift?
* Have you provided your insight, wisdom and clarity to help someone else gain clarity?
* Have you given verbal and emotional support to someone who needed it?
* Have you hugged yourself, touched yourself, praised yourself, loved yourself today?

Tomorrow is another day. Whose life will you touch? To whom will your presence provide the gift they crave? Who will walk away from you feeling uplifted, accepted and appreciated? And, will you remember to touch yourself with words and thoughts, a smile, and a big warm hug?

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