Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sometimes Love Hurts

Sometimes love hurts. Even in the most ideal relationships, moments arise when pain and sadness seem to be everywhere. At times it may feel as if there is no way out, no solution, no possible ending to all the pain.

Those are the moments when we need a new perspective, a different outlook, a broadened analysis of our situation, feelings and possible actions. There is always a solution, always an ending to the pain, always a way out. However, the resolution of the problem situation may not be immediate. Sometimes we have to wallow in the pain for awhile before we gain the clarity and the support we need to pull ourself out of the muck.

So, what can you do when your world seems dark and bleek, the people closest to you seem to thrive on causing you pain, and you feel paralyzed and helpless to do anything to get yourself out? The answer is quite simple. Create the world you want in your mind. Imagine the way you want your life to be. Visualize people around you behaving the way you desire, treating you the way you want, showing you love the way you desire it.

Every single thing that has ever been created has started within the creator's mind - including the creation of our universe, if you believe in a higher power. Think about any brilliant human creation. Somebody used their imagination to visualize the final result before anything materialilzed. If they kept their imagination strong, their intention unyielding, and their mind focused only on the desired result, they could literally move mountains and walk on water.

Remember, when you are in the depths of your own darkness and feel there is no way out, use your amazing brain to create images of a different scenario. Let you future unfold according to your imagination. Let you present dilemmas slip away as you walk out into the sunshine, unscathed, free and alive.

Use your marvelous mind to answer the following question. In an ideal world, my life would be filled with people, places and activities that.... [fulfill my soul, fill my heart with joy, allow me to live my dream] You get to choose the ending. You get to choose what you imagine. Start imagining now - and don't stop until you have what you imagined - and then keep imagining more. Life is good. Use your imagination to help you experience just how good life can be.

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