Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh My Aching Body!

How is your body feeling today?

Are you feeling relaxed or generally tense? Have you spent the last few minutes or hours focused on something, anything, without even thinking about your body - or - are you continually reminded about one or more body parts that seems to call out to you.

Did you know that your body actually speaks its own language?

Think about any part of your body that is hurting right now or has hurt you in the past.
* Your lower back? Do you feel unsupported, afraid of your future, "backed" into a corner?
* Your neck? Is someone making your life difficult, being a "pain in the neck?"
* Your shoulders? Are you "shouldering" too many responsiblities, trying to hold up....?
* Your knees? Are you ready to get out of some place you've been for awhile?
* Your eyes? Is there something in your life/relationships you do not want to see or accept?
* Your ears? Is there something you do not want to hear or understand?

Sometimes an ache or pain is just that - an ache or a pain.

Sometimes the cause of pain is an injury, a careless movement, a postural imbalance, an infectious or hereditary disease. But more often than most of us realize, an ache, a pain, and even a severe illness can be our body's way of telling us to pay attention to something or someone in our life. Or, the message may be to pay attention to our thoughts, our emotions, or something our senses are sensing that we are not acknowledging.

Medicine can temporarily alleviate the pain without removing the symptom. Receiving body therapy treatments, such as massage, acupressure, acupuncture or even Reiki, may temporarily relieve your physical symptoms. If you have even a sneaking suspicion that your current aches and pains are your body's reponse to your fear, anger, hurt, or confusion, then check out another option - somatic body psychotherapy.

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